You love little Sparky, or Max… Whatever you call you four-legged friend. But you don’t love the messes that they leave on your carpet.Urine stains on carpet differ from pet to pet, depending on diet, age, health and other factors. It is important to be familiar with these type of stains in order to prevent odor in your carpet.

Urine stains that are left to sit can cause significant damage on your carpet. Beyond discoloration, urine can cause the fibers to separate and weaken as well as damage the bonds between the carpet and the backing. Pet urine is also harmful to the color of your carpet if left to sit. The chemicals in urine can actually act with the dyes in the carpet and change the color.

The odors that pet waste cause are also a big concern. If not dealt with promptly and directly, some odors may be permanant.

If you want to prevent long term damage to your carpet, it is important to take care of pet stains and ordor as soon as the problem starts.