At Dallas Carpet Repair we strive to work in accordance with the standards & measures laid out by the IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration) which means when we work on your carpet we want to do it right. There may be some that like to take short cuts but DCR is not one of them. Below are some frequently asked questions by many of our clients that we believe might be helpful if you’re thinking about calling us.

“Do I need to move the furniture?”
Carpet Stretching – The answer is simple. Yes you SHOULD, but the fact is some customers just cannot make that happen and we understand. Instead we just ask that you move what you can, you know, end tables and lamps and such. Leave the rest for us. If we need to temporarily relocate a piece of furniture then we use sliders to make it easy.

“Why is my carpet loose?”
Most homeowners that need their carpet stretched have rippling problems. Ripples have many causes but poor installation is at the top of the list. Sadly, installers just use the correct tools when installing carpet. Re-stretching carpet is basically a re-installation but the difference is, we do it right by using what they didn’t – a power stretcher.

“How do you fix holes & pet damage?”
Permanent Sections – You may know them as “patches” but we prefer “permanent sections” because they are permanent additions to your carpet. The process is simple. The damaged piece of carpet needs to be removed but the key is to make sure that you have remnant or donor carpet from the same dye lot or same carpet to replace the damaged piece. Where does remnant come from? Homeowners will often times have some remnant carpet rolled up in the attic or garage left over from the original installation but for apartment dwellers it presents a bit of a problem because you have no remnant available to you. I have unique solutions for those that live in apartments. Call me and I can explain.

“Can I just buy a piece of new carpet from Home Depot or elsewhere?”
It is nearly impossible to exactly match your carpet color and carpet type and the last thing you want is a different color section in the middle of your carpet. Can you see a difference in the color of tan below? Perhaps, but when it’s carpet the difference won’t be as obvious until it’s been permanently attached to your existing carpet. Again, I have creative solutions for you. Let’s talk. “Will my repair be noticeable?” – I actually wrote a blog post about this and you can see it here.