Pet Damage

Our pets are an integral part of our lives and families but sometimes they can create problems with our carpet among other things. When Fido has dug a hole into your carpet you may be tempted to think that you need to replace the entire room with new carpet but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Take a look below to see some of the pet damage that we’ve come across in our client’s homes.


Many of our clients ask what is involved with repairing their pet damage and what to expect in regards to the cost of repair. As is with any repair the cost is determined by the level of damage in your carpet. Some Berbers may just have a few tufts pulled like the bottom right picture in our example. Others may be more severe in that the pet chews and rips all the way down to the sub floor which means a replacement of padding as well. This was the case in image 3 in our example. Repairing pet damage requires a permanent section which entails removing the damaged piece of carpet and replacing it with remnant carpet from the same dye lot. Most of the time homeowners will have some carpet left over from the initial install, other times it requires some creativity to make the damage go away. Either way, we can repair that pet damage. Give us a call for a free phone estimate.


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