This has to be the biggest question I get from my clients so I thought I would answer it in a blog. Many people wonder if repairing something on their carpet will be seen. They may have a huge gaping hole in their carpet but they’re concerned that the repair will be just as obnoxious. Well the answer is simple and it involves a common disclaimer that I offer my clients before I even begin working so here goes nothing.
Carpet repair is not an exact science. Anytime you need to remove a piece of existing carpet for any reason be it burns pet damage or otherwise and replace it with another piece you run the risk of it being noticeable. Now a good carpet repair professional will eliminate most traces of a repair but they are not miracle workers. Remember that most repairs are in high traffic areas which means the carpet is pressed and flattened and sometimes even discolored if the carpet is aged and exposed to strong sunlight. Any repair in this situation will require a new piece of that carpet to placed where the old piece was which means you’re going to see it until the new piece gets broken in.
Other factors to consider are the quality of the carpet in question, the type of carpet being repaired and the location of the repair. Take a look at the photos below.

The first set shows the original carpet and the pet damage as well as the culprit (he just happened to step into the shot as I snapped the pic). This particular carpet was aged and heavily traveled on and it was in need of a good cleaning. The next pic shows the repair with a new piece of the same carpet – huge difference. Now the difference won’t be as obvious once the carpet is cleaned but in this case the difference will be noticeable.
In the second set of pics you can see that the repair is nearly invisible and unless you’re looking at it you wouldn’t even notice it at all. Again, in this case the new piece and the old piece were in great shape, the carpet was great quality and in very good condition.
So, there are many variables when answering this question but at the end of the day it is always better to have your carpet repaired instead of unsightly holes and other damage.