Perhaps you didn’t even know that such a company existed? We’ve all heard of carpet cleaners and carpet installers but not many know that carpet can actually be repaired. This is very important because when something unfortunate happens the first thought is usually “oh no, now I have to replace my carpet!” Nothing could be further than the truth. Dallas Carpet Repair can repair all kinds of carpet damage from permanent red stains, bleach stains and pet damage to power stretching those pesky little ripples that pop up over time and we can do it all for much less than the cost of purchasing new carpet which means you save thousands of dollars. Take a look below at some of the most common repairs we deal with and see if you don’t recognize a few from your own home.


Pet Damage is actually our most requested repairs. We love our pets and they love us but sometimes they can be a little pesky. In this case it was a cat that thought that the stairs was her own private clawing post. One look at this kind of damage and you might assume that the entire stair carpet section would need to be replaced which could easily cost you $300 or more. Dallas Carpet Repair can fix this and be out of your home within an hour in most cases.


Carpet burns come in many forms. Some obvious some not so obvious. Causes can include irons, curling irons, cigarettes and cigars, fireplace embers and the like. In this case the cause was not so obvious until she lifted up her heated Anaconda cage and realized the heater got just a tad too hot. What in the world do you do with this? You call Dallas Carpet Repair and we’ll make it look new again.



Frustration sets in deep when you realize you’ve spilled something permanent on your carpet. Nothing says permanent like ink stains of all colors. This one was the prettiest shade of blue but ugly nonetheless. The home owner tried and tried to clean it up but to no avail. When you have a permanent ink stains on your carpet save yourself the time and sweat of trying to clean it out and just call Dallas Carpet Repair.


The threshold on this homeowners back door had lost its seal and they never even knew it until the carpet started coming up. Water damage can erode your tack strips causing the entire room full of carpet to become loose and begin rippling a buckling as you can see in the pics above. The biggest damage from water damage can be in the mold that can form as a result of that stagnating water. When you have a flood or some other kind of water damage to your carpet, call us quickly for the best results.

Your carpet repair Dallas experts are here to serve you and we even have same day service and offer an unconditional lifetime guarantee.