Almost every genre imaginable has myths associated with it, even carpet cleaning. Over the years they’ve been peddled and spread among the masses, so here are 5 of the most common falsities of carpet cleaning and what to do in their place.

1. All carpet cleaning methods are the same : Many ‘wet’ cleaning methods, such as hot water extraction, can leave your carpet wet and allow for the growth of mold and the apprearance of odor. For this reason, many believe that the ‘dry’ carpet cleaning methods such as dry foam, carbonation, and buffing are superior. However, carpet manufactures recommend that hot water extraction is actually the best carpet cleaning method.  Due to advancement in technology, modern equipment can dry the carpet faster than in the past.

2. You shouldn’t wash your carpet very often : If we were 50 years in the past when cleaning chemicals were much less controlled, this statement would be true.Years ago, the chemicals used to clean carpets were so harsh that they were not really practical for frequent use. However, today, cleaning methods and products are much more devoloped and will not cause you’re carpet any harm if used correctly.

3. Cleaning your carpet is only neccessary when it looks dirty : Just like a table or chair collects dust, so does your carpet. The only difference is that the dust and allergens get trapped in the fibers and stay there. So, even though your carpet may look clean, there are allergens and dust mites that can be damaging to your health if left uncleaned.

4. Bleach is good for stain removal : If you use bleach to clean your carpet, it will remove the color. It can also change the texture of your carpet. If a stain will come out by no other means, a professional can use bleach to try and fix the situation, but do not try this on your own.

5: There is a miracle chemical that can remove any stain : Ignore the informercials, there is not chemical that can remedy any stain.