Color Cleaning

If the carpet is badly faded then it needs a full-color restoration

A ColorClean is a process that’s designed to replace 2% – 3% of the color that fades from every carpet each year from normal use.

Basically, any carpet that’s over a year old will benefit from a ColorClean. Remember that it’s not a restorative service as much as it is a maintenance service that’s designed to KEEP the carpets the color that they were when they were new. It’s not designed to try to restore a carpet that’s badly faded. If the carpet is badly faded then it needs a full-color restoration.

“Ed, I want to thank you for coming out a second time to clean my carpets. Both Joseph and Alex were great. They did an excellent job and made sure we were happy before they left. I will definitely recommend your company to my friends and family.”

Becca B. – Dallas,TX

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